It's been a particularly stormy summer and start to Fall here in Iowa. Mother Nature hasn't given us just regular storms. Rain has come down in buckets, sideways, and there's been countless lightning strikes. And, as is expected in the midwest, there have definitely been some tornadoes.

So today, the President officially declared "major disaster" exists in Iowa from all that weather. As a result, federal funding is available to state and eligible local governments, along with certain private nonprofit groups on a cost-sharing basis.

The declaration refers to damage from storms and tornadoes on July 19 specifically, in the counties of Lee, Marion, Marshall, and Van Buren.

I'm no expert in government, so I won't claim to have any kind of knowledge on how a disaster declaration works, but it seems a little late considering it's now September, doesn't it? Regardless, it's awesome to hear that the state is getting some help in repairs!

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