Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" is one of those songs that you just cannot resist dancing to when it comes on. Whether you're in a club or at a party, the early '00s banger is a certified floor filler. It brings out the "dirrtiest" in people as they channel Xtina's raunchy music video moves.

One woman brought some of the song's iconic lyrics to life while performing the number during a hen party (another name for a girl's night out or even a bachelorette party, according to Urban Dictionary). The lyric in question: "Table dancing, glasses are crashing."

While dancing on the table at their rented Airbnb, a misplaced hair whip brought down one of the glass pendant lights hanging overheard. Glass certainly went crashing...

London-based DJ Wayne David uploaded a 5-second clip of the failed performance to Twitter over the weekend and, naturally, it quickly went viral.

"A girl from a hen party who came to drag brunch today showed us this video from their air bnb [sic] last night," he wrote. "I've watched it 736,876 times and I am deceased deceased deceased."

Watch it all go down, below:

The video has since been viewed 1.9 million times.

David later added that he received a minute-long version of the performance. While he has not uploaded that, he did share a remix of the anthem that incorporates the sound of the breaking light fixture.

Check out the updated banger below:

He also added the sound effect to "When The Lights Go Out" by Five.

Someone in the comments section have used the viral moment as the perfect segue between Lady Gaga's "Chromatica II" and "911." Another user recommended mashing it up with Britney Spears' "Shattered Glass." Basically, the opportunities are endless...

How much will the accident cost the woman, though? That's unclear. The Daily Star notes that Airbnb's policy on property damage is a little vague. However, the company recommends that the owner reach out to the renter to negotiate a price for repairs.

If the negotiations work out, Airbnb promises to pay the homeowner within 5-7 business days. If not, they have 72 hours to provide more information to the company about the various damages.

The woman could end up paying a pretty penny for the broken fixture. One Twitter user found a similar pendant light that retails for $925.

"Ouch," they wrote. Between the costly error and the likely head pain, "ouch" is a pretty accurate response.

On the flip side, no one ever said that being "dirrty" was cheap...

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