Because it's Friday and we'd all love to end this stressful week on a positive note, I thought I'd deliver some inspiring content.

Ebony Greenfield is a young, new mother, who's attempting to get her masters degree. She had registered for a specific film class when she was only 20 weeks pregnant. She began having contractions and the doctors urged her to give birth to her son, Carter, months before his scheduled due date.

See the video here.

Greenfield was still enrolled in the class and as a single mother without the option for childcare, she found herself taking Carter with her to class. As you can imagine, there was an issue with multitasking during the lecture. Luckily, her professor Dr. Tyrone Dixon, offered to hold the child while Greenfield took notes. Dixon explained that it's the professors job to champion their students, instead of placing rules and restrictions in the classroom. Thank you Dr. Dixon, for showing us what an educators job is supposed to be.

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