Just before the Severe Storms rolled through the Cedar Valley on Tuesday afternoon, the air temperature reached a toasty 95* at 1:54 PM.

Then, came the storm. A report of a 61 MPH wind gust came from the Waterloo Airport and by 2:49 PM, the air temperature had dropped to 67* in Waterloo – a change of 28* in just 55 minutes.


That large of a drop ties for the second-largest temperature drop in a one-hour period in Waterloo. (dating back to 1949) On the morning of July 9 of 1949, the temperature descended from 83* to 55* between 10:00 and 11:00 -- a change of 28*.

The all-time largest temperature drop in the city is 32* --- from 80* to 48* on the afternoon of March 7, 1950.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

As for the month of August  Tuesday's temperature drop is the biggest ever for August in Waterloo, beating the old record of 23* on August 9, 1985.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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