It's official. Winter is here. Not the false winter we had just three weeks ago where I believe the temperature was 60 degrees on Christmas. This is ACTUAL winter, and what does ACTUAL winter mean? It means bitter cold. Today's high reminds us that yes, we are in the throws of it. Today in Waterloo, the high temperature is 11 degrees. That's the coldest high temp of 2020 and also, the coldest since March 5th, of 2019.

For 317 days we haven't had a day this cold. On March 5th of 2019 the high temperature was 17 degrees.

Here's some good news. Over the next few days the temperature is supposed SKYROCKET, to the sun-bathing mid 20's. Here's some bad news. The high on Monday is only supposed to get up to eight. It'll be a very icy day so make sure you're bundled up with coats, hats, and gloves. To check out the high temperatures for this coming week click here.

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