We are all human. We all have trials and tribulations. More of us go undiagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental ailments that make each day difficult. When you feel there's nowhere to go or no one who will help you when you're at your lowest or are scared of the future, a place like Unity Point Mental Health Clinic is a safe haven.

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I have clinical depression, anxiety (sometimes severe), and even PTSD. I have meds for each that help keep me even, on a daily basis. I know this because I asked for help and sought someone who could do it. I have no shame in it. Mental health is something we all have and most of us have varying degrees of how much we can handle or past trauma that has made it hard to deal with even small things that may arise. In this day and age, I'm positive that nearly everyone in this country suffers from some degree of mental and/or emotional issues that we just chalk up to a "bad day" or "bad week" or "eh, s**t happens". I can't see how anyone nowadays could be completely "normal", whatever that is.

From a story in the WCF Courier, The UnityPoint-Health Mental Health Walk-In Clinic is a place where anyone can just walk in when it's all too much. You can be seen and heard by a professional who will help guide you through the dark time you're living in. It was created because more and more people were going into the E.R. when everything seemed impossible and they were worried that it was bad enough that they may do something they can't come back from... The walk-in clinic is there to help AND help lessen the strain on the, already overworked, emergency department and staff.

In Iowa, it's only the second of its kind, first for the area. It is located on the campus of Allen Hospital at 164 W. Dale St., Entrance 6B. You only need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to see a therapist the same day and possibly receive any medication.

Manager, Nick Rosauer said that he's seeing many folks who "have never sought out therapy or never sought out medication for mental health symptoms [and they] are coming in despite the stigma that comes with it” That's encouraging to hear that so many are realizing that asking for help in a crisis or mental or emotional problem should be no different than going to a clinic when they are sick with the flu or a broken bone.

 It’s not a place that’s super scary. You don’t have to wait forever to get care. And we’re also not going to tell you: ‘You can’t get help. It’s just human beings together, coming up with hopefully a better plan for you so you can feel better moving forward.” - Nick Rosauer, Clinic Manager

If someone doesn't have insurance or a way to pay for service, there are options available that the clinic will offer before a patient leaves. There are also options to help with medications that may be prescribed.

For more on this story and if you would like more information about the clinic or to share this with a family member or friend, click HERE.

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