True story: Coca-Cola got its name because, back in the day, it was made with actual cocaine. Today, it's just as addictive, just without the least for now.

According to a new report from the Coca Cola Company, they are closely watching the growing marijuana-infused drinks market, in response to a report that they are in talks with Canada's Aurora Cannabis Inc.

The idea is that sometime in the potentially near future, the two companies will team up to create Coca Cola with weed in it. It would be intended for medical purposes, aiming to ease inflammation, pain and cramping, according to the report.

Regardless of if they team up with this specific cannabis company, Coca Cola has released earlier statements, saying they were interested in these kind of beverages.

Would you try this? It seems we might be seeing it on shelves in Waterloo sooner rather than later, based on this info!

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