After a fun filled weekend of what can best be described as "Iowa's Beerfest" the last thing I should be thinking about is a tall boy. However, I'm a people watcher. I like to observe behavior when people drink. I stumbled across something that I found very interesting. People's personalities differed based on what beer they drank. A stretch I know. Yet, with my curiosity peaked I did some research based on what I saw this weekend, and I found the list I believe perfectly encompasses my observations. Here's what your beer says about you.

Budweiser- Regular Joe, you've been drinking this beer for a while, patriotic, wholesome, this is America's beer and you state that every. single. time.

Bud Light- Easy-Going, Laid-back, you're looking for a good time, it doesn't reallu matter what beer you drink right? After all, it's beer.

Corona- Life of the party, High Energy, you take long vacations every few months, relaxation is key, if you could live on a beach you absolutely would.

Blue Moon- Ostentatious, Extra, you like the image of this beer, it gives you a sense of sophistication that domestic, boring beer drinkers don't have. Most likely wears air pods.

Obviously there are many more on this list, so if you'd like to see the full personality list check out Men's Health. What does your beer say about you?

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