Late-night munchies are certainly no stranger to the post-drinking paradigm. Not only does alcohol contain calories, but it can also lower people’s awareness and lead to mindless eating.

So what food stops do most people make after they’ve had one too many drinks? surveyed nearly 6,000 people to find out the most popular drunk dining destinations. If you're from Iowa, it's likely one of two places. Check out the map below:


The country is pretty much divided three ways, with 41% of responses saying Taco Bell was their preferred spot (I mean, they invented the phrase "Fourth Meal"), with McDonald's a distant second at about 25%. I was a bit surprised that McDonald's was #1 in Iowa, though. Maybe it's the all-day breakfast that put it over the top.

Speaking of breakfast, Waffle House--one of the biggest reasons I miss living in the South--came in third.

But why do we settle for greasy food when we're hungover? Because we're usually pretty lazy, scientifically speaking. It could also be due to a chemical in the brain called galanin which increases our appetite for fat. Whatever the reason, nothing seems to crush those late-night cravings like a diner or a drive-thru.


I'm not surprised by this AT ALL. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a call or a text from my significant other asking to stop chicken nuggets or quesadillas. And, real talk, if there was a Waffle House somewhere in Iowa...I'd probably be the first in line.

What's your go-to spot for drunk food? Comment below!

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