It's a question that plagues us even in the early months of August. What are we doing for our Christmas Card this year? What's odd to me is that this is actually a real worry to some people. They want the perfect card. Here's where everyone goes wrong though. The key to the perfect Christmas card isn't in the photo, but the caption.

That's right. The success behind the card isn't so much about the picture, because well, lets face it, we all have smartphones. Taking pictures has never been easier, it's basically a "whenever the moment strikes you" kind of thing. If we are able to capture a great picture moment, whenever we'd like, the burden of picture taking is lessened and the challenge of wordplay is heightened.

Remember, the Holiday season is about Joy, so, some incredibly sappy, lovey-dovey quote like "Live Laugh Love" isn't the best idea. Rather, something witty and playful is the best way to crack a smile on the face of anyone you send your card out to. Afterall, if it was truly about the picture, no one would ever place a caption; And that's just unsettling.

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