The weather is getting warmer, which means more and more people will be cooling off with a sweet treat at their local ice cream parlor (although, there's NEVER a bad time for ice cream). I'm on a quest to find the best, so I asked you to help me find it.

Last week I asked for your suggestions on Facebook and I got lots of terrific responses. Hopefully, someday very soon, I can try them all for myself! Here are a few of your recommendations:

1. 4 Queens Dairy Cream (Cedar Falls, Evansdale, Waterloo)

2. The Sweet Spot (Denver)

3. MooRoo (Waterloo)

4. Dairy Kone (Jesup)

Dairy Kone via Facebook
Dairy Kone via Facebook

5. Chocolaterie Stam (Cedar Falls)

But for a Quad Cities kid, this is going to be tough to beat...

6. Whitey's Ice Cream (Quad Cities, Iowa City)

Vote for your favorite below, and feel free to write in a spot that's not on the list!

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