Literally EVERYTHING has to have its own day now. And today (March 21st) happens to be National Fragrance Day. It's probably an odd thing to celebrate, but smells do trigger memories--whether good or bad.

A new poll from SWNS asked people to list their favorite--and least favorite--aromas. Here's what they had to say.

Top 5 Smells We Love

1. Freshly cut grass
2. Coffee
3. Bacon (How is this NOT #1???)
4. Fresh laundry
5. Baked cakes

Top 5 Smells We Hate 

1. Body odor
2. Sour milk
3. Mold
4. Sweat
5. Stagnant water (??)

Hard to argue with most of these. Check out more sublime scents and offensive odors here.

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