There has always been a lot of debate over what holiday is the best holiday. Is it Thanksgiving because of the parade, turkey and family? Is it Christmas because of the spirit of giving, presents and family? Is it 4th of July because of fireworks? To all of these questions the answer for me is.... no! The BEST holiday out there is Halloween!

Before you gang up on me and argue, hear me out first. Halloween happens at the perfect time of year... fall. I mean who doesn't love fall?! Leaves changing color, crispy coldness in the air that is perfect for sweater and boots weather but not too cold where we need to worry about our fingers falling off from cold and snow, all things pumpkin are around, it's gorgeous in nature with the fall colors and there is a feeling of renewal. Not to mention it is the start of the holiday season and spooky season!

Halloween is not all about all things dark and scary but rather letting your imagination run wild when it comes to decorations, costumes, cuisine and even activities. The best activities happen during Halloween time! I mean during any other holiday it would seem odd to carve faces into pumpkins, eat a bunch of candy, dress up to go trick or treating and try to scare the crap out of each other. In fact most of the rest of the world probably think we are nuts and a bunch of psychopaths when it comes to celebrating Halloween but that's okay! Why? Because we get to be the awesome weirdos we were meant to be and not be judged.

Halloween is the perfect time for kids to be creative as well as a adults and try out being someone or something else for a night. You can let your imagination run free and leave the worries behind. You get to carve pumpkins, go to pumpkin patches, enjoy hay rides and of course the candy. I mean who doesn't like some sort of candy?! Of course Halloween also let's us have some fun getting our adrenaline going whether it is watching a horror movie or going to a haunted house, you can lose a lot of calories just being scared. See you don't even need to exercise with Halloween around!

Oh and of course we all can enjoy our favorite Halloween movie... Hocus Pocus on like the whole month of October. So see... there are so many reasons why Halloween is superior than the other holidays and should honestly be given as a holiday break for work and school.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


Halloween Ambassador,

Tiffany Kay

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