There are a lot of reasons members of the Republican Party trend on Twitter. If you have any inkling as to the social media site's political leanings, it's pretty easy to guess why they're a key point of conversation on the site most of the time.

After yesterday's primary elections across the state of Iowa and Grassley's basically unopposed run (he nearly tripled his opponent Jim Carlin's voting numbers), one might think it'd have something to do with him winning. But, surprisingly, that's not the case.

It has more to do with who his opponent will be in November of 2022 -- the Democrat's candidate for the senate and veteran, Admiral Mike Franken.

Franken defeated Abbie Finkenauer and Glenn Hurst in the Democrat primaries, receiving 55 percent of the vote to Finkenauer's 40 percent and Hurst's five percent.

Support came out in droves on behalf of Franken on Twitter over night, as over 18,100 tweets popped up in the trending section of the site saying something to the effect of "We have to defeat Chuck Grassley."

If you haven't gathered, Grassley isn't too well-liked by those on the left side of the aisle. Grassley is also consistently criticized for his unwillingness to step down from his position, especially considering his age. The New Hartford, Iowa native will turn 89 before the upcoming senatorial election.

Admiral Franken is 64 years old -- which is definitely not young. But it's also definitely not a decade away from reaching triple digits.

The Democratic candidate for governor in Iowa, Deidre DeJear spoke out in support of the Lebanon, Iowa native on Twitter, too:

And of course, Franken celebrated and offered a call to action to Iowans as well, asking for their support and vote:

The coming election where Franken and Grassley will face off will be held on November 8, 2022.

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