If you had a nickel for every time you heard the phrase "it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the wind" you'd probably have enough nickels to buy Twitter.

Maybe not... but I bet you'd be able to buy a sandwich somewhere.

The National Weather Service in Iowa has issued 39 wind advisories so far this spring according to the Des Moines Register. That means there have been winds of 31-39 mph, that have lasted an hour-long, or if the wind is expected to reach 46-57mph.

Des Moines Register

I've dealt with plenty of wind growing up in Minnesota but this spring has felt like something different here in Iowa.

Any outdoor activity I've tried to enjoy has been rather difficult, knowing the wind will play a factor.

Whether that's golfing, disc golfing, going for a walk or even taking out the garbage. I've had to pick up my recycling and garbage bins multiple times this spring.

You can feel these strong wind gusts push and pull your car around when driving on the highway. It's been so windy this poor semi-truck driver got blown over. You can see the video here at KRNA

The spring is normally one of the windiest times of the year but I'm hoping we can catch a break soon.

Why Has It Been So Windy?

Roger Vachalek is a meteorologist from NWS and he told the Des Moines Register

"We've had some fairly strong systems," Vachalek said. "We get winds mixing and that enhances the wind gusts."

It's not only windier but the fact that there have been cooler temperatures in Iowa has played a factor as well.

We've received a lot of air from Canada and the northwest, which tends to be cooler air. This has played a huge factor in our average temperature.

Normally in April, Iowans can expect temperatures around 62 degrees and so far we've averaged closer to 56 according to the Des Moines Register.

It's mostly boiled down to temperature, strong systems, and mixing winds. These mixing winds play a factor in increasing the strength of the wind gusts.

Hopefully, soon, you won't be seeing your recycling and garbage bins blown over and down the street.

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