Kim K has been trending in the area for a couple days now. Have you noticed Facebook friends or Twitter followers buzzing about the Kardashian fams First Lady and wondered why? Wonder no more. Here's what she's up to:

Kim Kardashian's recent chat with People Magazine reveals her dramatic weight loss, opening up about losing nearly 20 pounds. Kim also claims that she is at the gym for over an hour every day and says that while she didn’t see the results she wanted to right away, now that she’s been training with a professional for a year, people are finally noticing her toned bod. She also revealed she now weighs 116 pound.

Of course nothing Kim does goes without 500 Instagram posts so if you are dying to know more, you can always follow her on Insta. There you go, that's why Kim Kardashian is trending in the Cedar Valley. Feel like you need a shower now that you're all caught up on her life? Don't feel guilty, most of America seems to be in the same boat. That said, a shower still seems like a good call after a Kim Kardashian story...

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