We have all found ourselves with a lot of extra time on our hands recently. Of course this is due to being stuck inside more, lay off of jobs, working from home and just quarantine in general. I am sure just like me you have seen all kinds of people all over social media being "productive" with this extra time. You know, doing projects around the house, learning new skills, doing at home work outs and basically just being rad human beings and taking advantage of the extra time they had. However, what if you are taking advantage of this time in a different way that doesn't include being productive? Is this considered being lazy?

Here is my opinion on this: YOU DO YOU. Look, I understand all the people wanting to take advantage of this time they have ti better themselves as human beings and that is great! But there are two ways to do this: either learn new skills to keep yourself busy or take the time for some self care and mental health.

It's okay to want to binge watch TV all day to distract your mind from what is going on in the world or meditate or just nap all day. We all handle hard times in different ways and for some taking care of our mental health by doing nothing is more important than keeping our mind busy. It is not being lazy but rather refreshing our mind, body and soul by learning to control what we can. As Olaf says in Frozen 2 : "We're calling this controlling what you can when things feel out of control." Who knew Olaf could be so inspirational with life lessons?

Here is my opinion... during this time, find time to both improve your self as a human by learning a new skill and also by just binge watching TV all day. Find a way to allow your mind, body and soul to breathe and don't allow others to tell you how you should be spending your quarantine. Take this time for yourself.


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