Welcome to 2020 where Kanye West is supposedly running for presidency, there is a global pandemic shutting down the world and KFC is creating the first 3D chicken nuggets.... wait, back up! 3D chicken nuggets?!

That's right. According to Business Insider and many other news outlets, KFC is working with a Russian 3D printing company in creating the worlds first 3D edible chicken nuggets. Basically you would be able to print out your food. Weird right?

Well if you are wondering when these futuristic nuggets will be hitting Iowa, you are going to have to wait awhile. KFC is still working on "printing" chicken nuggets using cells and plant material and won't be running a final test of it in stores until this fall in Moscow. Sad but something to look forward to in the future!

If you are wondering how they are going to even taste remotely close to the juicy chicken nuggets you are used to having at KFC, well they will be "printing" the nuggets and then KFC will provide the branches with ingredients to give it the delicious taste including breading and spices already used.

Welcome to the future, 3D chicken nuggets and all! Now if only I could "print" out Texas Roadhouse rolls....

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