This Christmas season, Santa's got something for the grown-ups! Whether you've been naughty or nice...

Put a little jingle in your pocket this holiday season with the Iowa Lottery and Q98.5’s Cold Days, Hot Tickets! You could win a sweet $90 Iowa Lottery prize pack… Our prize pack includes $72 in holiday scratch tickets and some Iowa Lottery swag.

So, you're asking 'how do I win?!' It's easy: All this week, listen to Q92.3 while you work. When you hear us play a clip of a classic Christmas song, be caller 9 and WIN! If your holiday tickets don’t win instantly, don’t stress, because you can enter eligible scratch tickets in the Iowa Lottery’s Winner Wonderland promotion for a chance to win the grand prize of a cool quarter-mill!

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Wanna know when that Christmas clip will play? Get our free Q98.5 app and make sure your alerts are on, because we'll let you know a few minutes before the clip plays!

Q98.5' Cold Days, Hot Tickets - must be 21+ to win.

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