No, you aren't in a drug cartel and no, the police aren't going to come put you in prison if you don't wire some idiot money. Please, don't BE the idiot. Okay, that's not how the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office is issuing their scam warning, but it's how I'll add my two cents.

As per an Iowa's New Now report, the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office is telling residents not to fall victim to an ongoing telephone scam within the county where scammers are claiming to work for the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office. The scammers are also changing their phone number to indicate they're with the sheriff's office. Those who receive a call are being accused of being involved with a drug cartel. They are then told they will be arrested if they don’t wire money - which is of course where the scammers hope you comply, and they'll pocket the money.

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You can see the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post on the matter here. A few people in the comments are expressing how silly - or downright stupid the scam sounds. And, it is pretty stupid. PLEASE don't fall for it. Oh, and if you actually are in a cartel, I'm sorry to say: this won't clear your name. The cops would still like to have a word with you, mang.

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