Finding the "Luck of the Irish" ahead of St. Patrick's Day may be more possible for you than you think. Why is that? Wisconsin is a lucky state.

Wisconsin was named one of the luckiest in America because people are winning. How do we determine how lucky a state is? We looked to see which states have more Powerball jackpot lottery winners than others.

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People in the state of Wisconsin have a lot of luck when it comes to winning the Powerball. A lot more than other states.

Wisconsin Is A Very Lucky State

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Compared to the luckiest state in America (that's Indiana by the way), Wisconsin is pretty up there with the luckiest states. To be exact, it's the 5th luckiest state.

Since Powerball began in 1992, Indiana has had 39 winners. That's more than 2.5 times more wins than the state of Wisconsin, according to World Population Review. Yes, Wisconsin has had 19 Powerball winners. That's a lot.

The last time someone from Wisconsin won the Powerball jackpot happened in 2022, according to Tammy and Cliff Webster, a married couple from Oneida, split a $632.6 million jackpot with another winner who purchased their ticket in California. Powerball lists this as the ninth-largest jackpot in its history.

Wisconsin Isn't The Luckiest State In The Midwest

As mentioned before, Indiana is the luckiest state since it has the most Powerball jackpot winners. Missouri and Minnesota are also above Wisconsin on this list. Here are the luckiest states in the U.S. according to

  1. Indiana - 39
  2. Missouri - 31
  3. Minnesota - 22
  4. Pennsylvania - 19
  5. Wisconsin - 19
  6. Kentucky - 18
  7. Louisiana - 17
  8. Florida - 16
  9. Arizona - 14
  10. California - 14

The unluckiest states are the 5 states that can't play Powerball at all, according to The Hill. They include:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Nevada
  5. Utah

We wish you nothing but luck this St. Patrick's Day.

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