Committing a crime against an innocent bystander is bad enough but this takes it to an even lower level of disgust.

Criminals Deserve A Huge Serving Of Bad Karma

There is no such thing as a good crime. When you do something horrible to another human being, you deserve to spend some time in jail. There are even times when criminals will stoop to an even lower. In those cases, they definitely need a taste of bad karma. I believe that's a punishment worse than getting locked up. I just found out about an incident in Wisconsin that gets me fired up.

According to,

Blind Wisconsin Woman Is Robbed By Jerk 

This terrible event happened in Madison on February 8th. That evening around dinner time, a visually impaired woman was walking in the downtown area. Then out of nowhere a man ran up behind the victim, ripped the bag right off her arm, and took off. The theft stole her wallet, phone, and some personal items. She tried to hold on to her purse but lost the struggle. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. There was another person close by to help the poor lady. They called the police immediately. With the help of witnesses, the suspect was arrested a couple of days later.

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Honestly, who does something like that? Really, rob a blind person? Can a criminal sink any lower? It just makes me angry. I hope they throw the book at him.

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