An utterly chaotic video of a man's interrupted workout has gone viral after he captured the moment another gym-goer accidentally sat on his face. Naturally, he shared it on TikTok.

TikTok user Samuel Stratis — who posts under the handle @samuelstratis — was filming a set while working out at a new gym when a woman squatted directly down onto his face.

In the viral clip, he picks up a weight and lays back on the bench to start a series of lifts.

At the same time, a woman next to him starts a set of weighted squats. She gets into position but clearly misjudges the distance because she promptly sits on Samuel's face.

The woman immediately gets out of his space. Samuel appears dazed and confused as his weight rolls away and the camera cuts off.

"She was off in a hurry," he jokes in the accompanying caption.

Watch the wacky video below:

Since posting over the weekend, Samuel's video has amassed more than 6.3 million views and thousands of comments on TikTok.

Plenty of commenters laughed about the situation.

Many also pointed out the even weirder fact that Samuel chose to hit the gym in a pair of Ugg boots.

"Training in uggs boots had me," one user commented. Another joked that working out in Uggs was worse than hitting the gym in Timberlands.

Others asked if the situation was real or staged.

"I mean if that happens to me I would go to another town [and] start new life there," someone decided.

"Why wouldn't you take a glance behind you at the bench to make sure there's no one on it before you squat though," another TikTok user wondered.

Some insisted that the moment was a bit that Samuel and the woman planned for the camera.

Either way, the video went viral enough that it's also getting attention on Twitter.

"I should not have hollered so loudly," one Twitter user wrote alongside a recording of the video, which also went viral on Twitter.

Samuel's gym shoes got slammed there, with plenty of people weighing in on his odd choice of footwear.

Check out the funniest responses below:

Interestingly, this isn't the first time someone has sat on his face mid-workout. Samuel captured a similar encounter and posted it on TikTok earlier this year.

"Expect the unexpected," he captioned that clip, which showed him wearing a pair of Birkenstocks at the gym, making it clear he has a thing for nontraditional gym shoes.

Watch below:

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