Yes, people actually write Yelp reviews of gentleman clubs. I was surprised too. Where there tons and tons? Naw. But there were enough. Oh, and most of the reviewers aren't very gentleman like at all, as you'll soon see.

Now I'll be honest with you. I have never been to a strip club. No, it's true! So this idea came to me while I was visiting a sister station of ours website. They're based in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and I guess one club there generated enough fodder. Here, I had to 'visit' a few clubs review on Yelp. Nice part, I didn't have to leave a tip.

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Here we go - as a note, I've cleaned-up some of the language and made these more readable. I'm not saying the patrons struggle with the English language. Just that they maybe struggle with sentence structure.

The Funniest Yelp Reviews of C.V. Strip Clubs

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