A recent BuzzFeed survey asked people about various foods, and how they pronounce them. Here are eight examples. Let's see if YOU are in the majority or not when it comes to how they're pronounced:

1.  Caramel: CAR-muhl  or CARE-uh-mel? 65% of people say CARE-uh-mel.

2.  Bagel: BAY-gull or BAG-ull? 9% of us say BAG-ull.

3.  Salmon: SAM-uhn or SAL-muhn? 19% pronounce the 'L'.

4.  Pecan: PEE-can  or puh-KAHN? The winner is PEE-can with 68% of the vote.

5.  Jalapeño: Halla-PEEN-yo or halla-PEN-yo? That one's closer than we expected.  40% of people say halla-PEN-yo.

6.  Espresso: ESS-presso or EX-presso? 16% say EX, even though it's wrong.

7.  Crêpe: Krep  or krayp? 64% pronounce it with a hard "Y" sound krayp.

8.  Syrup: SIR-up or SEER-up?  It's a tie. Both got 50% of the vote.

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