Add even more fun to your Christmas celebration by creating your very own elf name!

The Christmas Elf Name Generator uses your name and gender to create a festive and fun holiday alter ego. Or, you can be even sillier and generate completely random elf names for you and everyone else in your workshop!

I typed in "Andrew Slater" and this was the result:

Sloeberry Fairyfig

He loves to tease the other elves and invents fun games to play with them! He wears a pale green tunic of fine silk embroidered with gold stitches,and he makes twee toy doll houses for all the good little children.

Here's what it came up with by making a random name:

Fudge Glitterbuns

He loves to make buns and cakes in the kitchen and decorates cupcakes with icing and glitter! He wears a tunic embroidered with glittering sequins,and he makes enchanted wooden soldiers for all the good little children.

Click HERE to create your elf name & don't forget to share below! Merry Christmas!

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