So being new to Iowa, I decided to see how people define their state in their own way. Everyone has things they like and hate about their state and usually the locals notice these things first. They could be weird habits of the community, skills that people do or don’t have, a specific food or animal, or even nicknames of things around the area that outsiders would not know. For example, in Ohio, the Buckeyes are not only our collegiate football team, but also a nut and a dessert!

Trying to become a part of a new community in a state you do not know can be hard when you do not know these things, so I've asked people to weigh in with how I can define Iowa and the following are some of the answers I received.

You know you are from Iowa when…

  • …you say Adventureland is in Des Moines…. (ok, this list is not starting off well if you don’t even know where things are here)
  • …you are a bad drive… (you all obviously have not met many Columbus drivers)
  • …in the summer you say, “it wouldn’t be so hot if it wasn’t for the humidity,” or in the winter you say, “it wouldn’t be so cold if it wasn’t for the wind.”… (Ok, so what kind of weather do you all like?)
  • …when you can drive 55 mph through a snow storm and still sip your coffee (this is a talent!)
  • …when walking tacos are a thing… (yeah, I still understand this, like do they walk into your mouth or what?)
  • …when you avoid some roads because the potholes are bad… (you all think you have it bad! Just come to Columbus, we don’t have potholes, we have craters.)
  • …when country kids drive tractors to school so they can go straight from school to the fields… (this my friends, is dedication. Also, you all have probably been driving much longer than most people.)

So, what do you think? Is this an accurate account of what Iowa is like? If you want to chime in with your thoughts, check out the actual Facebook post here. And remember the next time you visit Ohio….I apologize for our lack of ability to drive well.

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