It seems like every few months or so, a new story breaks that Facebook has had a lapse in security. Well, here's your March dose!

According to a new report by Wired, Facebook has acknowledged a new bug in its password storage system. Apparently, passwords for both Instagram and Facebook were stored in plaintext. In layman's terms, it means that anyone that had access to that internal server could go in and look at anyone's password.

The bug affects accounts created all the way back in 2012. Unfortunately, the bug was only found this past January. Why they're just revealing it now is unclear. According to Wired's report, Facebook has fixed the issue, but won't reset the passwords of those affected.

That will be the responsibility of the account users. So, if you get a nice, long email from Facebook in the coming days that looks like a lot of fine print, it doesn't necessarily mean your account's password was leaked, it's just them explaining the incident.

Still, it might not be a bad idea to change it out.

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