You should listen to Q92.3 every day. I mean, for Brooke And Jubal, to win stuff and hear our lovely voices. But you knew that. Now, I can also tell you that you should listen to Q... for your HEALTH.

According to a new study, you should listen to 78 minutes of it every day.

That's the amount recommended by the British Academy of Sound Therapy for maintaining good mental health.  But you can't just listen to one specific type of music.  There's actually a formula.  You need:

  • 14 minutes of "uplifting" music to feel happy.
  • 16 minutes of "calming" music to feel relaxed.
  • 16 minutes of whatever you choose to overcome sadness.
  • 15 minutes of "motivating" music to aid concentration.
  • And another 17 minutes of whatever you choose to help manage your anger.

Even though they recommend 78 minutes, 11 minutes a day still has therapeutic benefits, and you can boost your happiness with just FIVE minutes.

(Via Loudwire)