If you're wondering where all your time is going, here's THE answer. You are literally wasting your life staring at your phone my friend... It's true. A new survey done by Slashgear found the average Android user spends three hours and 42 minutes a day looking at their phone, and the average iPhone user spends four hours and 54 minutes. In other words, we are hooked. Apple know this and recently introduced a feature in iOS12 called 'Screen Time' designed to, um, shame you into seeing how long you were on your phone in the past week. It's actually a really solid tool for parents to use with their kids, but also for us adults too. Who doesn't need some time away from screens? (That said, don't stop reading this yet 😉)

So according to the study, Android people are looking at their phones for more than 56 entire days a year, while Apple iPhone people are looking at theirs for more than 74 entire days. Holy... moley.

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