As far as avoidable diseases go, this just might be the most avoidable.

A medical report just came out about a 61 year old guy in Rochester, New York who went to the hospital three years ago after he'd noticed a serious drop in his ability to think and keep track of what was and wasn't reality. Scary.

The doctors diagnosed him with Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Go on, say that one three times fast. Or just call it vCJD, which is a fatal brain condition that's extremely rare. Only a couple hundred cases have ever been reported.

So how did the guy develop it? The doctors say it's because he ate squirrel brains.

That's right. This guy is a hunter, and apparently during a hunt he ate some squirrel brains either straight up, or some of the brains got mixed in while he was eating squirrel meat. So if you want to avoid getting this horrible rare disease, um... lay off the squirrel brains. I feel like that's reeeeally pretty doable.

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