Every so often a story will come along that sits in our hearts and makes us feel every emotion our brains can process. This University of Tennessee story is no exception. A young fourth grade student showed up to his school's college day with a hand drawn University of Tennessee logo. After being bullied by a number of students at his school, his teacher posted a picture of the shirt and it immediately went viral. So much so, that the University of Tennessee actually turned it into a shirt with the boys original design. 16,000 shirts have been sold in the university's book store and another 50,000 shirts have been pre-ordered. With the amount of money raised from the shirts, the school offered the  young boy a full ride scholarship for all 4 years, beginning in 2028.

This story is a small reminder of how social media can be used in a positive way. A small act of kindness can go a long way. Congrats to this young man! Read the full story here.

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