Everyone has a favorite insult--a word or phrase you use to call out someone, throw shade, or lovingly razz your friends. Many of these (at least the ones I use) are pretty NSFW. Add some spice to your vocabulary for 2018 and step up your insult game with these zingers.

1. Snoutband

  • Someone who always interrupts a conversation to correct or contradict the person speaking. Every social group has a snoutband, who thinks they know everything.

2. Scobberlotcher

  • Someone who avoids hard work...like it's their job. Every office has a scobberlotcher in their workplace. Think about that the next time you catch yourself dozing at your desk.

3. Whiffle-whaffle

  • Someone who wastes a lot of time. You could easily make the case that a scobberlotcher is also a whiffle-whaffle.

4. Zounderkite

  • A Victorian word meaning "idiot." You'll probably encounter one (or ten) of these in a Facebook comment thread.

5. Bedswerver

  • Shakespeare coined this one to describe an adulterer or someone with "loose morals." Your friend group most likely has one.

6. Fopdoodle

  • Someone of little significance. Don't let a fopdoodle get under your skin.

7. Klazomaniac

  • A person who can only speak by SHOUTING! You probably shouldn't go to a quiet place with a klazomaniac.

8. Cumberworld

  • Another term used to denote a person that's totally useless or insignificant.  They're taking up your space and they're breathing your air.

9. Raggabrash

  • Someone who is completely disorganized or unkempt.

10. Flibbertigibbet

  • A word to describe "a nosy, gossipy sort," flibbertigibbet could also be applied to a "flighty or frivolous woman/man."

11. Shot-clog

  • You know that one person who always tags along on group outings...and you really don't want them there, but you feel bad and they usually pick up the tab. Shot refers to the bill, and the clog part is derived from a weight attached to an animal's leg that is used to impede their progress. This takes "third wheel" to a new level.

These are phenomenal! Don't be a zounderkite...check out Dictionary.com for their full list.

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