As much as we joke about the basic nature of all things pumpkin spice, most of us are drawn to the sweet aroma of the classic autumn drink. We don't really know why we're compelled to continuously spend our hard earned money on this unique twist on coffee, yet most of us find ourselves purchasing it almost daily during the months of September-November. Fear not, however, because according to science, there may be an explanation. Here are three reasons why you can't resist all things Pumpkin Spice.

1). The ingredients make you biologically wired to like it- Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Sugar and Salt provide an excellent combination of flavor that's almost impossible to resist.

2). Nostalgia- Our brains automatically associate Pumpkin with autumn. Fall is considered to be the most widely liked season of all four. Your brain literally triggers "happy" hormones when you remember good times, so Pumpkin Spice, arguably, tastes like happiness.

3). Caffeine Boost- Not much to say here, Caffeine is the most commonly used mood altering drug in the world. It makes you feel good.

Don't be ashamed of your love for Pumpkin Spice! Get out there and embrace your basic nature!


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