Bored is an understatement. With almost everything closing down, you might already have started to go a bit stir crazy. If that's the case, you've got a long two weeks ahead of you. There's nothing we can do about this quarantine so we might as well embrace the reality of the situation and start making the most of the situation. With that being said here are some ways to make sure you stay sane during these crazy times.

1). Movie Marathon- Corona isn't an internet virus. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.. all still work. Take this time to watch a few movies or TV shows that you've been meaning to see.

2). Read A Book- Downloading a book on a kindle, or Apple device can do you some good. Make some time to grab a glass of wine and read a bit. The ole' paperback never hurt anyone either.

3). Try New Cooking Recipes- You've most likely gone shopping and stocked up on groceries. Learn a new recipe, try some new stuff out, see what works and what doesn't, after all you've got nothing but time.

4). Reconnect- If you have kids this might be the perfect opportunity to make some family time a priority. Put the phones down and just commit to each other and quality family time.

5). Exercise- Although gyms across the country are closing and or closed, you can still do some brisk walking, jogging, or body weight exercises to keep yourself in tip top shape.

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