We've all had some crazy story about something odd we've done while sleeping. It's completely natural. However, there may be some things you aren't aware of that you do in your sleep that can answer a lot of questions, and provide an explanation as to some of the peculiar behavior we tend to exhibit. Here is a list of five weird things, you may have happen to you in your sleep.

1). Sleep Paralysis- The state in which your mind is awake and functioning but your body seems paralyzed. This occurs when the mind is coming out of REM sleep, but the body has not.

2). Waking Dreams- A state of sleep in which the mind projects images or sounds that aren't really there (hallucinations), usually triggered by a severe lack of sleep.

3). Exploding Head Syndrome- An extremely rare occurrence in which the person hears an auditory hallucination of a bomb or explosion going off. Mostly triggered by stress.

4). Sleep Sex- Some individuals during sleep will actually have sex with their partner or a stranger, with no idea that the action took place the next day. Similar to sleep walking. Enough said.

5). REM behavior disorder- The ability to act out your dreams while sleeping. Ex.- If you had a dream you were cooking, you would actually go to the kitchen and start cooking. This can be very dangerous if you're having a nightmare. Individuals with this disorder have shown unprecedented accounts of strength and  have done some very unbelievable things, all while staying asleep.

If any of these sound familiar, you may have some slight sleeping disorder! Welcome to the club.


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