Right after you get a speeding ticket, what do you do? Go the speed limit, right? At least for a while. Well not Chaunt’l Wilson of Council Bluffs, Iowa. She was driving a 2018 yellow Ford Mustang on I-80 when she was pulled over for driving 92 MPH in a 75 MPH zone last weekend. Ok, nice car, open road on a beautiful day at the end of summer... so be it. Pay your ticket and brag about your speed to your friends later, right?

Naw. Less than an hour later, she got popped for traveling 142 miles per hour!

According to the state patrol, Wilson refused to stop when deputies tried to pull her over again, and police pursuit then began. She did eventually pull over but this time she was arrested for willful reckless driving.

Deputies say they found marijuana in the vehicle and more charges may be coming. I guess her joyride is over.

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