Ahh yes we all remember the disastrous IHOB fiasco of last year. What startled many and amused few, turned out to be one "hilarious" prank from the pancake chain. A faked name change to promote their burgers left us all breathing a comedic sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the madness isn't over yet.

IHOP is changing it's name again. However, this time there's a bit more mystery and suspense built in.

No, they aren't ditching the P again, rather, changing the meaning. Or so we think.

IHOP twitter account released a tweet a few days ago asking the question "What could the P be? Find out June 3." Twitter.Blew.Up. Fans across the nation chimed in with their two cents on what the P could stand for with some G-rated responses like Pizza and Pineapple, to the not so G-Rated responses like Pornography and People.

Yikes. Still though, all this publicity is sending their social media stock through the roof! I just hope they keep their P, "PG".

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