I'd never really thought about this question until [checks calendar] today. But obviously it was weighing heavily on the mind of somebody. This isn't useful in any practical way, and probably won't affect your eating habits. But it is kind of fascinating.

Somebody looked at a bunch of fast food and chain restaurants and found out when each one opened. And now, thanks to BuzzFeed, you can determine which one was born the same year you were.

For example, did you know Dairy Queen was founded way back in 1940?! DQ has aged very gracefully. Also..Burger King originated in 1954, Arby's (pictured) in 1964, Red Lobster in 1968, and Starbucks in 1971. For my fellow '80s babies, that decade spawned restaurants like Applebee's, Olive Garden, Panda Express and Five Guys.

I'm definitely looking forward to telling people that I'm Cinnabon years old. Click HERE to take the quiz for yourself.

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