There is always something about the local restaurant everyone loves where you find the best homemade food or the local boutique where you find one of a kind clothes. Local, small stores are so unique that we love them as Americans! However with big chain stores/ restaurants that are easy and convenient to go to, local stores have always suffered and even more so during the pandemic when they don't have a bunch of chain stores to bring in extra money. Well, Americans have been stepping up to the plate to help support local businesses more during COVID-19.

According to a survey done by OnePoll on behalf of Canva, 2,000 americans were asked how and if they are supporting local businesses more during this pandemic. The poll found that 79% of respondents have realized how important small businesses are and have upped their game in helping to support them. During quarantine, most Americans have supported an average of at least 10 small businesses whether through take-out/delivery or shopping online and tipping has increased for delivery drivers.

The idea of local small businesses going out of business due to the pandemic has got many Americans worried and spurred them into action to help support them more. If you want to know different ways to help out local businesses, check out the list and more of the study here. 

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