Friday (March 15th) was National Sleep Day. Earlier this year we learned that morning people are happier than those who sleep in. Well, there's another unlikely perk to being an early bird.

A recent study conducted by Sleepopolis found that people who wake up earlier have more sex. Their data shows that the average early bird gets seven hours of sleep each night and has sex three times per week. Conversely, night owls average about six hours of sleep and only have sex twice a week.

Those who wake up early are also more likely to experience high-quality sleep, are more confident, more organized, and 10% more likely to describe themselves as happy (you know, probably because of all that extra sex).


Oh...and if that isn't convincing enough...the research also shows that early birds make about 10% more money than night owls. What more motivation do you need? You can always catch up on sleep during the weekends. [SWNS]

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