If you don't talk to your dog in a baby voice, treat them like your own kid and cuddle with them all the time, you are probably not a true dog owner. Dog owners know their their pets are more like their family which is why they go above and beyond to pamper their pets. While the stereotype is that women pamper their dogs to know end above and beyond men, that may not be true anymore.

According to a survey from Volvo Car USA and the Harris Poll found on People, millennial men have been found to be more likely to pamper their pets than millennial women. The survey found that 39% of men have bought organic pet food compared to 29% of millennial women, 30% of millennial men plan to have a birthday bash for their pet compared to 17% of millennial women and men are more likely to take their pets to daycare.

The only time women beat out men is in the social media aspect. Women are more than twice as likely to start a social media account for their pet to share photos. What does this prove? Well women, the next time you baby talk your dogs and your man rolls their eyes, just know they do it too!

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