What a year... and we aren't even into the thick of the school year for 2020! With all that has been happening this year, parents, jobs, schools and more have had to get creative to keep things running smoothly. This mostly means that many jobs and school systems have adopted remote learning/working environment. The "new norm" is to use some form of video communication to do daily tasks so why can't "schoolcations" become the new norm?

If you haven't heard of the term, "schoolcation," let me let you in on this idea. With so many adults working from home and students learning from home, this has presented the new opportunity for families to take vacations during school time when they normally can't... hence "schoolcation." Hotels and Air BnB's are even planning for these vacations by having separate learning area for kids to focus on their school work during the vacation and work areas for the parents as well.

So the question now is.. would you take your family on a "schoolcation?" Check out what certain hotels are doing to help with these specific types of vacations here.

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