Everyone makes mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes are caught on camera and everyone in the world gets to see it online. That's what happened to a Minnesota brewer after a camera caught him getting blasted to the ground by a beer burst.

I guess I don't know for sure that it was a mistake on his part. Maybe the beer was too carbonated? I have no clue, I've never dealt with beer in that kind of capacity before.


Based on the comments on the video shared, it sounds like human error. One commenter said he had done the same thing just the other day on accident. Another comment says it happened to him seven years ago and it "hasn't happened since".

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So based on that information it definitely seems like human error. It happens, that's fine! But it does make for a crazy video.

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Back Channel Brewing Accident

This happened at Back Channel Brewing in Spring Park, Minnesota, which is on Lake Minnetonka. Security cameras caught the brewer in the back attempting to do something with the giant vat of beer.

And then the beer exploded out at him like a firehose and it knocked him to the ground! So much beer wasted! Take a look:

I don't even want to think about the cleanup that had to happen after that... and how many showers everyone involved probably took afterward.

Thankfully, Back Channel confirms that the brewer is ok and he was also cool with the video being shared.

The beer that was spilled is now on tap. Fittingly called Blow Back, it's a New England IPA and they say it's a "limited release (obviously)".

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