This was a pretty costly fumble. Here is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, 11/22/17.

Milwaukee, WI- A bar's beer promotion backfired badly, thanks to its hometown team.

The Bavarian Bierhaus has a gameday special where customers drink free beer until the Packers score a touchdown.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Unfortunately for the bar (and fortunately for its patrons), the Packers were SHUT OUT by the Ravens on Sunday, so the free beer was flowing for the entire game. The bar manager said approximately 200 people were inside, and he and his staff served between 275-300 cups of free beer.

However, the brewery is spinning a negative into a positive and continuing the promotion ALL WEEK until the Packers score against the Steelers Sunday night. Pittsburgh has the second-best defense in the the Bierhaus could be footing the bill for awhile. [Foodbeast]

This is probably the only time football fans WANT the team to kick field goals.

Hampshire, U.K.- A pot dealer was busted after advertising on social media.

Medical Marijuana

The would-be entrepreneur posted a picture of his stash on a Facebook page called Portsmouth Cannabis.

Police saw the image and were able to identify the seller's location using evidence from the photo. Officers arrived at the home and found some packaged marijuana along with several cannabis plants that had already been harvested. The Facebook page also linked to an Instagram account which has nearly 1,200 followers. Police say the admin of the page was "documenting his cannabis grow and effectively running a blog on how to do it." [Metro UK]

I guess you could say this guy was a real dope.

Fuzhou City, China- A man needed emergency surgery after getting a little too intimate with a padlock.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Further proof that men will try to literally have sex with anything.

The unidentified patient was allegedly seeking sexual gratification by sliding the padlock into his urethra. But the lock traveled INTO HIS BLADDER and the man had to be rushed to the hospital. Surgeons reportedly needed cut a small hole in his bladder to release the lock.

Doctors are unsure if the man sustained any permanent damage. [Mirror]

Just try to imagine having THAT conversation during Thanksgiving dinner. And you thought talking about politics was awkward.

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