This might help us take climate change more seriously.

Based on a new study published in the journal Nature Plants, extreme heat waves and drought caused by global warming will negatively impact production of barley, a key ingredient in beer.

The study reveals that "climate change ... may threaten the availability and economic accessibility of beer."

In short...the price of beer could DOUBLE in the United States.

"One of the greatest challenges as a scientist doing research on climate change and food is to illustrate it in a way that people can understand," according to Lewis Ziska, a scientist for U.S. Department of Agriculture.

A report from the United Nations earlier this month detailed dangerous long-term effects of climate change, including an increase in heat waves, sea level rise, disease, and increasing food and water shortages.

In countries like China, Brazil, and the U.S., at least 2/3 of barley goes into the brewing of beer. Enjoy those Busch Lights while you're able.

Seriously...why couldn't this ruin kombucha?

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