The Iowa Corn Growers Association, one of Iowa’s largest commodity groups in the state, are very optimistic about a bill placed before the state legislature. They feel it will pass and be sent on to the governor after getting over a recent 'funnel' deadline.

Radio Iowa reports the bill promises a nice boost for ethanol and biodiesel producers and retailers in Iowa. If the bill succeeds in passing, it will reduce the amount of E-0 gasoline sales that will be sold in the state. These pumps would be replaced with E-10. It would also increase the amount of cash put into infrastructure for E-15 to E-85 and also biodiesel. This according to Mindy Larsen Poldberg, the government relations director of the Iowa Corn Growers Association.


As far as cost to the gas stations in Iowa, which is a hot button issue, Poldberg says an important aspect of the bill is that grants would be offered to retailers to upgrade their pumps. The bill calls for a 2028 deadline, with retailers able to get grants, up to 70%, in order to make the higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel available to customers.

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Poldberg says the measure has already passed the Iowa House Ways and Means Committee, and the Iowa House is its next stop for the bill.

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