It's a scary stat. How many sexually transmitted diseases plague our county?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released its latest Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report across all U.S counties and metropolitan areas. lead a research team that analyzed the latest statistics on a city-by-city basis and developed our list of the top 100 cities with the highest STD rates.

The city with the most STD cases per 100 thousand people was Baltimore MD. Which averages 2,004 cases per 100k people. But as I am sure you're wondering, where do our Iowa counties fall?

Well, according to this list, there are over 1,350 cases of STDs in Black Hawk County alone, and we're averaging 1,020 STD cases per 100 thousand people, with our most common STD being Chlamydia.  Montgomery County led all of the Iowa counties in average cases, with 1,731 cases per 100 thousand people. If you'd like to view the entire map and check out the other counties in Iowa click here.

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