Crazy weather makes people do crazy things.

Take this man, for example.

In the midst of a winter storm, he thought it was summer.

New York's WPIX caught up with a gentleman named Adam who decided to go surfing in the midst of the blizzard that blanketed the region on Tuesday. Adding on to Adam's quickly growing legend is the fact this is the first time he ever surfed.

The weather may wreak havoc on our lives, but it's nice to see there are some folks (and four-legged friends) who can roll with the punches even when Mother Nature puts up in a severe deep freeze.

New York City is made up of all kinds of people and this guy proves it. Why wait until good weather to lose your surfing virginity when you can make it more difficult by climbing on a board in arctic temperatures when no one is around to help you when you fall. That would make too much sense. Except in New York.

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