If you have been living with your family during this quarantine and stuck inside the house, the answer to this question may automatically be "no," but if you really think about it you may find out that things aren't so bad living with your parents, especially your Mom.

Take it from me, a person who has been practicing social distancing and having to live in a small apartment by herself 9 hours away from her family during quarantine, those of you lucky enough to spend this time with your family are better off. Yes, trust me I understand being annoyed and frustrated and wanting to be left alone but that's only part of the time. Having your family with you during hard times like these gives love and support and a reminder that each day it will get better. If you don't take it from me, take it from research that living specifically with your Mom does make you happier.

According to a new study done by Zippia, they asked over 500 Americans if they are happier being quarantined with their Mom's in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday. 22% of people said yes it makes them happier in life. Turns out, while we don't always want to admit it, Mom's really do make everything better. Find out other statistics they found regarding Mother's Day and quarantine here.



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